Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogs - A New Fad or is there something more in them for Business Purposes?

I have never had a blog before; I figured why would people want to read about what I think? There is so much clutter up there; I struggle to make sense of it let alone anyone else. My partner often says to me oh to spend a day in your head; I think I would end up lost and confused then unable to get out again. So forgive me if my ramblings aren’t your usual constructed readings full of intellect and meaning, I am merely writing down my thoughts in hope they might help businesses with their online and graphic presence.

I was reading recently that one of the best things a company can do for their website is start a blog and have the CEO write updates. Customers don’t buy your product they buy you - they like you, they like your product. Blogging is a way to share and introduce to your potential customers a piece of you they may not have seen from buying your product alone. It all adds to brand experience and all good businesses know brand experience is what drives sales.

Company blogs have risen in popularity and they may seem like a waste of time, but for a business to secure their online presence it is a must have you shouldn’t ignore. Use your blog to update customers of new product lines, events, staff comings and goings, tricks and tips and anything that relates to what you offer. For small businesses it keeps personal interaction with your loyal customers. For large businesses, have you ever had a delicate matter you needed to disclose? Well blog it before it gets leaked, it’s the best way to get your side of the story across before anyone else does! 

I hear you saying “oh but I don’t know what to say” – why not? You know your business better than anyone else, so you of all people should know exactly what to say! Don’t treat a blog too much like an advertisement though, your customers will see right through it, instead be humble, depending on what your product of service is keep it the point, and keep it colloquial. 

Blogs also help keep your site fresh on Google. Updating it regularly lets the Googlebots that crawl the web for relevant information relating to a search know you are a fresh site with good content. Theory being they will likely list you higher in a search than another site that sits there with old content. You also have a chance to nail some juicy keywords into your pages which can’t hurt either!

I have only mildly touched base with the benefits of a blog, as I am just starting out myself I’ll see how it goes and update you all soon!

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