Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Finding the right Graphic Designer for you

When searching for a graphic designer to hire it can seem overwhelming at first; there are many fresh faced designers born every minute and everyone’s portfolio looks amazing (it should they only put their best work forward, possibly work that isn’t even for a real customer). So how do you decide who you should hire for your business without ending up with:

  • The Unreliable Designer.
    Whose auto reply to everything is “I’ll get it to you tomorrow”
  • The Head in the Clouds Designer.
    Off in their own world, you ask for soft and delicate and they give you back heavy metal
  • The Scrooge McDuck Designer.
    You want how much for a 1 page leaflet? My first born you say? Well I have no prior knowledge so if that is what it costs…

To avoid these pitfalls and develop the relationship you want with the right designer, you must look at who they are outside of graphic design. I know you want someone who is going to design incredible graphics for you, but if you have seen their portfolio and it doesn’t look like your dog drew it then chances are they have the degree, and the experience to do it no trouble. What you really are looking for is business behaviour; are they professional enough to complete a project from start to finish and give you what you need?


If you have friends or colleagues who have used a designer before ask them who they hired, they might have used someone they loved and can recommend. Referrals are the best way to get any business, your friends and colleagues will give honest opinions of their experiences and if you are happy enough with their opinion then go ahead and enquire with the designer. If they get back to you immediately you know you are important to them.


Try a suitable Google search; type in “Graphic Designers ‘Your Location” or “Freelance Designer”. Most designer’s will have their own website, if they don’t it makes it a little more difficult to gauge who they are. Check out their site - do you like the tone of it? Is it friendly and approachable and does it suit who you are and what you want? Try and find a designers site that matches your style and the project you need. A formal project might require a formal designer, a fun and quirky project might need a bubbly, creative designer.

Online Directories

Online Directories like Finda and Yellow will have lists of companies that do design under the industry. This is a little more risky as you do get whatever anyone has put up there. The golden rule is though if you try and contact a designer and they couldn’t seem less interested in you, or they take longer than 24 hours to get back to you – forget them. If they can’t put the effort in to gain your business, you can be sure they aren’t going to put the effort in to keep it either. 

Finding the right Graphic Designer for you is tough, but worth it in the long run.
It’s like buying a puppy - You want a good breed that fits into your lifestyle, gives you the loyalty and attention you need, doesn't cost a fortune and doesn’t make a mess on your project.

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