Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Again with the obvious

I had to share with you the mere I had with my computer last week.
I was trying to install a new copy of Microsoft Office (for the 2nd time as I had messed up the 1st time), only instead of being a simple download, a number of errors kept occurring, before the CD failed to respond at all. Now I should tell you I had already been having computer problems this week so my technology stress levels were at an all time high breaking point.

I feel like I go through the five stages of grief throughout this whole experience.
  • Denial. It’s not broken, it’s brand new it can’t be broken. I just have to double click it again, or right click instead, or open it through the computer tab instead of autorun. Or perhaps if I stand upside down on my head... I got creative.
  • Anger. The cave woman in me starts to roar, when I try really hard to fix something and it doesn’t go to plan it's hard not to stomp my feet as the bottom lip pouts out.
  • Bargaining. But wwwhhhhhyyyy, wwwhhhyyyy are you doing this to me?! I actually start talking to the computer. I’m glad I work alone the sound of a grown woman whinging to herself would be quite horrifying. Especially in the whiney voice I have adapted, something of a dolphin cross hyena.
  • Depression. Head buried deep in my hands. Life is over. As a web and graphic designer the computer is my life line, my existence... Maybe a tad dramatic? Don’t push me, I’m on the edge!
  • Acceptance. Ok it’s broken; I admit I can’t fix this. I thought I could. I was wrong, for the first time in my life (ho ho ho) I am wrong. I’ll call IT.
So I ring the IT helpline and the conversation goes something like this:

Filipino guy: “have you tried restarting your computer”
Me: “are you serious?”
Filipino guy: “yes mam’, please restart your computer”
.... some time goes by

Me: “oh for @#$* sake. Thank you.”

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